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14 November 2007 @ 11:53 pm
Winter Testing at Barcelona!  
So, the 2008 season has kicked off with the first round of testing in Barcelona!

Sebastian finished 13th, and got the chance to carry out a track evaluation of the common ECU now required to be used by all teams for the 2008 season. He also got to test new brake material and suspension.

His new team mate, also Sebastian (Bourdais), finished 15th, and tested aero components while running without traction control and engine braking systems. It was Bourdais' first ever run for the team, which will now be known as the Sebastian Team. \o/

Annnnnd Michael Schumacher finished in 1st place, testing for Ferrari. (Sorry, wait, Michael who?)

Tonio Luizzi will try out for a place in Force India (formerly Spyker) for next season. He'll be competing with Christian Klien for the seat, so let's wish him the best of luck!